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Dive Voyager is expanding into education to bring the beauty, understanding, and knowledge of our ocean planet to young people. The first program of our project is called “Precious Ocean”.

“Let’s take a boat ride on our precious ocean and take a swim with some of our marine friends.  Say hello to a turtle on a shipwreck. Wave to a moray eel as we take a swim on a coral reef with our fish friends. Learn how we can help keep our ocean precious and our fish friends safe.”

This program combines underwater video clips with fun facts narrated by Bruce the Shark and Captain Maureen Langevin of the Dive Voyager Team.  A Dive   Voyager coloring book and fun word find puzzle containing fun facts presented during the program will be provided to the children. 

Dive Voyager also supports the Project Aware Foundation program to raise awareness of our Precious Ocean and our marine friends.

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