Mike de Camp

Father of NE Wreck Diving

Captain Paul Hepler - Venture III

Capt Steve Bielenda - RV Wahoo

Artifacts from Captain Steve

Gene Geer


In 2008, the crew of the Dive Voyager completed their best and most inspirational production to date!  Their quest...to meet some of the Pioneers of Northeast Wreck Diving and find out what was it like diving 30 years ago?

We had the honor and the pleasure to interview four Pioneers that absolutely stole the show. They amazed and humored us with the many stories of shipwreck dives, retrieving artifacts, lobstering like we could only imagine and finding unexpected surprises on recently discovered shipwrecks. 
 Mike de Camp, known as the “Father of Northeast Wreck Diving” is still diving.  We were awe struck at his extensive collection of professional underwater photographs and very thankful for the hours he spent sharing them.
 Gene Geer, continues to dive and run his own personal Dive Boat. He still knows where the lobsters are hiding.  We were impressed and thankful for his work with divers and NOAA to gather the data needed to stop Ocean Dumping.
 Captain Steve Bielenda, Long Island’s “King of the Deep” and Captain of the well-known RV Wahoo.  The story of his first wreck dive on the San Diego is priceless and this is just one of many!  We were grateful for the many enthusiastic hours he spent telling his stories of diving and sharing his extensive collection of artifacts.
 Captain Paul Hepler, of the Dive Vessel Venture III located in Belmar, is one of the few remaining Captains still running NJ Dive Charters.  We thoroughly enjoyed his stories of finding shipwrecks and his colorful stories about some very interesting artifacts!

...for anyone interested in what it was like 30 years ago to dive on recently sunken or discovered shipwrecks where no diver had dived before...or hearing the many colorful, interesting, funny, and exciting stories told by the Pioneers themselves....If you are interested in this DVD production, please email us!  You will not be disappointed.  You can also purchase a copy at the dive shop Divers Two.mailto:steveals@optonline.net?subject=email%20subjecthttp://www.diverstwo.com/shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1